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Are shemales men or women Wanting Teen Sex

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Are shemales men or women

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Have you ever been with someone you liked but couldn't. Real women hi ladies im seeking for a women who likes to have a good time. Employed(not at Hot Dog On a Stick). Anyass want to give me a hug.

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Relation Type: Bbw On Vacation Looking For A Good Time

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You're not gay.

User Info: Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? You're straight because you're attracted shemalles what physically resembles a woman.

It's as simple as. If you don't like actual men then you can't be gay.

Trans-women aren't men, they are women. Genetically they are not but then again there are natural born women who are born with XY chromosomes, either possessing androgen insensitivity syndrome or swyer syndrome, but you'll find their genetics doesn't make shemalss male but phenotypically, hormonally and mentally they are women.

Three factors determine gender: Genotypic sex, phenotypical sex and gender. Trans-women are women phenotypically and gender-wise.

Scientific evidence has also shown are shemales men or women the brain lr a trans-person is different to that of a non-trans person's brain. The brain of a trans person does genuinely align with the gender they identify as. Since sexual attraction doesn't concern itself with genetics, you're attracted to phenotypical sex and if the phenotypical sex you're attracted to is female and female alone then you're straight.

Now the topic might get more complimented when we talk about pre-op trans-women who still have male genitalia but ask yourself?

Is it genitalia alone are shemales men or women attracts you? In which case you might have a fetish Or are you attracted to the woman that the genitalia is attached to? Being attracted to a pre-op woman doesn't make you gay if what attracts you is wre looking like a woman and having sex with one doesn't make you gay.

Wommen argument that it does is stupid, that's like saying strap-on sex makes you gay, it doesn't. What would be gay would be attraction or sex with a trans-man who has a vagina.

It doesn't matter if he has a vagina, you'd be attracted to his his physical appearance as a man and that would be gay or at least make you bisexual. Being swinging in hedonism to or having sex with a transgender woman of any type doesn't make you gay or bisexual if you're attracted are shemales men or women her physical appearance a a woman. If you can ignore genitalia or even enjoy it it just means you're open minded or possible have a fetish.

In any case the simple answer is: Anyone who says otherwise simply doesn't understand transgenderism, sexual orientation or sexual attraction and are probably too closed minded and ignorant to comprehend that the world isn't so simple.