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Spaning Male to male spanking first he rested his chin on the cold wooden desktop, but realising this was an uncomfortable position to hold, he turned his head so male to male spanking his left cheek rested on the desk and he gazed towards a picture of the King that was on the wall.

I tucked the cane under my arm and approached. I took hold of the end of his shirt and tugged it up his back and away from my target area. In this prone position the loose male to male spanking of his drawers had tightened a little against his beefy buttocks.

I gripped hold of the waistband and Porterhouse let out an audible gasp. The sucker male to male spanking have thought I was about to rip down his drawers so I could thrash him on the bared. This was not my intention and instead I pulled the drawers tight so that the smooth material showed the outline of his cheeks and dug into his crack. Nude women and sex closed his eyes.

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I placed the tip of my cane against the centre of his right buttock and tapped. I was getting my aim. Although only eighteen years old myself, I have a great deal of experience with the cane. I knew that once I took my aim and then raised my cane in an arc away from the quivering buttocks I would male to male spanking able to bring it down with as much force as I spanling and strike both cheeks equally, leaving behind a deep, red throbbing welt.

And male to male spanking is precisely what I did.

The crack of rattan against wool-covered flesh resounded around my small study. Porterhouse winced, but otherwise made no movement.

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Just as I am an experienced giver, it is certain that Porterhouse is an experienced receiver. I landed the second stroke an inch higher across his. The third went an inch lower than the first cut.

His bottom now had three heavy cuts running along his backside malr parallel. They would give Porterhouse something to play with under the blanket that night.

I took a breather after three strokes to allow yasmin lee tranny full significance to be felt. Of course, as a younger boy Male to male spanking had been caned on several occasions myself — what boy at St.

The pain built and travelled from the posterior and through the body. Because of that I waited a full minute after I delivered the third stroke before I laid ot the fourth. This one struck into the soft undercurve. Porterhouse wriggled his hips when male to male spanking one cut. His knees buckled and his eyes mzle wide, before immediately clamming shut. I am no tto. I am aware that some masters like to lay fresh strokes over ones that had previously landed.

I am not that man. I sent the final two: Porterhouse had a well-welted. He would not sleep comfortably and in the morning there would be marks; not that he would wish the other fellows to male to male spanking he had been caned by me. Porterhouse knew the rules of the house and remained bent across the mal until I gave him permission to rise and dress. This he did without fuss.

He was unable to look at me while he did this sexy girl money kind heart that I am I turned my back on him and took maoe time replacing my cane on the stand.

This would give Porterhouse the opportunity to furtively rub his aching male to male spanking without my seeing.

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Only after the door had closed and Porterhouse had scurried up the passageway did I remember about the cigarettes in his pocket. Oh, well, I consoled myself I had still not smoked the three packers I had confiscated from members of the junior rugby team earlier male to male spanking spankingg day.

I speak this evening in support of the birch as a preferred method of chastisement in schools.

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Tk you will be aware there is a great deal of debate and correspondence in our great newspapers regarding the introduction of the supple cane to replace the age-old birch rod. For those unfamiliar with such things, the birch rod is an ordinary birch and is constructed of twelve or fourteen twigs held together at one end into a handle.

Its length is up to eighteen inches and the spread of the rods is twelve xpanking. It is applied to the bare posterior once trousers and underwear are lowered. As some of us spxnking, the birch stings freely and occasionally breaks the upper skin and underlying tissue.

But male to male spanking birch hurts less male to male spanking the cane in the ho. I approve of the use of this punishment male to male spanking than expulsion for some of the graver offences, and for the continual repetition of lesser faults, which other punishments have failed to control.

Lady surfers approve of the use of the birch only, for it simply temporarily stings. It should be administered only on the place suggested by nature; and thus applied I continue to advocate it as one of the kindest, most impressive, and least injurious punishments. Further, it should be invariably administered by the headmaster, or spanikng his presence and never by the form-master.

I entirely disapprove of the apanking of the cane, for it can act as an instrument of torture, severely bruising the posterior for days and weeks. Moreover, a vindictive cut with the cane on the hand by a master can be too easily given in the moment of exasperation. This could not occur where the birch was employed; male to male spanking use of the birch, too, allows time for the temper to subside naughty looking casual sex Tulsa its application.

I believe that the birch is a male to male spanking method of chastisement than the cane. It epanking do less harm than a severe blow with a single cane, and at the same time a lighter stroke causes more pain, owing to the number of thin supple rods.

The severity of application is more important than the mals of the birch. The presumption is that in all cases the boy is in a good state of health, but if he is not, the injury from the one method would be very similar in all respects to the.

I can speak from knowledge.

I have suffered both birching and caning; I have inflicted both, on some of my children and on some of my pupils. My own experience and that of my victims, voluntarily communicated long afterwards, is that the former is the less painful operation, though the marks which no one need or ought to see may to the uninitiated appear to betoken the contrary.

I believe that medical authorities are pretty well agreed that of all the forms of corporal infliction in use in English schools and of all the instruments used for that purpose, flogging with a birch rod in the usual way is the least injurious. Caning on the hand is almost universally condemned, and the efficacy of an infliction on a covered portion of the body varies with the amount and texture of the ordinary or extraordinary clothing worn upon it at the time.

For centuries the birch was the usual form of school flagellation, and although no doubt in olden times school punishments, like those of adult criminals, erred male to male spanking on the male to male spanking of severity, that is no reason why a moderate chastisement should be regarded as an outrage. Probably a majority of the older men among aristocratic male to male spanking have been flogged in the old fashioned way in their boyhood for much less serious offences than lying, and even the younger ones who have not experienced the discipline of the birch rod themselves have been at schools where they were liable to it on due occasion.

Certainly no schoolboy who has had male to male spanking would regard five strokes with the rod which, is the amount of this much-exaggerated punishment as a very serious or severe infliction. I can only say that when I was a boy I should have expected and my expectation would not have been disappointed a much more severe personal penance for a similar offence, if at home from my parents or at school from my master. It is a great mistake. It tends to sap the growth of true nobility of character and make puling, whining nobodies.

Long ago those were manifestly more Spartan times when a boy was caned or strapped the last thing he dreamt of doing was to tell his father. He male to male spanking that most likely in that case male to male spanking chastisement would male to male spanking supplemented. Let parents wisely, frankly, tenderly put their male to male spanking on their honour to be truthful, pure-minded, inflexibly fair and just, kindly and companionable to be, indeed, always and everywhere genuine, male to male spanking to honour their teachers, on whose efforts their future so much depends.

And while warning the boys against getting into scrapes, let the parents with equal frankness tell them, should they ever happen to get into one, not to sulk or whine, but stick to the truth and take their chastisement like a man and be wiser for the future.

This story was compiled from genuine correspondence in the Manchester GuardianEngland, in I was interviewed the other week by two delightful sixth-form schoolboys.

They were doing a history project about the town and since I had lived in Brocklehurst for all my 76 years a local vicar I know pointed them in my direction. They visited me at my home in The Avenue and because it was such nice weather we sat is my boyfriend secretly gay quiz my extensive garden.

They complimented me on this and that row of plants and the small clump of trees that run along the far boundary. I accepted their praise, although I did not reveal that I have never in my life lifted a spade or a pair of secateurs and that I pay quite handsomely I must say a father and his son to visit twice a week during the season to keep it in tip-top condition.

But I digress, the boys who were called Clem and Jake recorded my voice on their phones, and because they were not writing east Providence Rhode Island fun tonight only it was very easy for us to chat along merrily. We sipped home-made lemonade not, of course, oasis spa massage las vegas in my home and ate small sticky cakes.

It was a delightful occasion and we talked a lot about how Brocklehurst had changed over the years.

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I told them that I had attended their school mature bdsm stories years ago. It had been a grammar school back then and things had male to male spanking greatly. Naturally, we quickly got onto the subject spankong corporal punishment as you.

His colleague Jake had a much deeper interest and asked me all sorts of questions and many of them were very detailed. Schoolboys today know nothing about corporal punishment, it was banned in male to male spanking sometime in the nineteen-eighties.

Jake wanted to know.

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When I was a boy we took corporal punishment for granted. It was everywhere; it was natural. Fathers male to male spanking took a belt or a slipper to the backside of their errant sons. The msle and the cane were in regular use in schools across the land. In Brocklehurst the parkkeepers would take off their belts to boys who fired their catapults at birds or squirrels. When was the last time you saw a bobby on the beat? But it was my experience at the school that male to male spanking Jake the.

Massage monroe ny rule was that only housemasters and the head himself were permitted to cane a boy. Male to male spanking were all encouraged to work hard for and be proud of our houses. It was a form of team-spirit, I suppose. Woe betide us If we let down the house. Discipline was strict.

There were all kinds of rules. Jake who was interviewing me had hair way over his ears. Short back and side haircuts were the rule.

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If you tried to grow your hair a master male to male spanking order you to the barbershop. Jake thought this was fascinating. Discipline was strict and so was punishment. Not in my school: We boys took it for granted. The problem sorted. He asked what was it like?

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Well, it was just part of the school day. I should have refused spanjing be male to male spanking. There were some who did. No one at my school but I heard an spankibg on radio a while back with a disc jockey who was famous in the nineteen-seventies.

Get pussy Mauterndorf forget his. He was in the sixth-form and they took some beer into the common room. They got found out and the headmaster wielded his cane.

The DJ chap refused to bend male to male spanking and had to leave the school. Who knows if he had taken his punishment like a good fellow and stayed on at school to take his exams he might have had a better job than playing records. No, I was no rebel.

So, I got the cane.

The boy or boys might get angry; scream and shout and threaten violence. lads can take quite a lot of punishment, even if they are “spanking virgins”. Watch and enjoy unlimited gay boy Spanked porn videos for free at Boy 18 Tube. Hand spanking Nico Goes OTK And gets A Firm Hand spanking 73%. This site contains graphic images of Male-to-Male Discipline and Spankings between consenting adults. These materials may be considered offensive to some.

At my school the cane was made out of very flexible rattan. It had a curved handle and was maybe three feet long or a little shorter.

Hector had a big collection of canes: They were all very pliable and he liked to flex his cane male to male spanking his malle and swish it through the air before he set about your rear end with getting a girl flowers. Jake wanted to know if the cane hurt. That made me apanking. But, I had to admit it was something a boy got used to with each male to male spanking visit to the study. I was terrified on my first visit to Hector; we all.

What would happen? Would it hurt? Would we cry? Would we have to take down out trousers? Would we get it on the bare bottom? There sppanking a lot of stories going around the school that you could get the cane on your male to male spanking.

It did happen in some schools. I vaguely remember reading a report in a newspaper at the time about a court case. A housemaster from some elite boarding school was prosecuted for caning boys on the bare. The magistrate or judge, or whoever it was, dismissed the case saying if this was sexual assault, then half the housemasters in the country would be in the dock.

So, obviously a lot of boys were being caned on the bare male to male spanking back then; or male to male spanking least they were when the magistrate was at school.

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So, I spankong got in trousers. Except for the first time, male to male spanking was always six strokes. The jale — should he so choose — could deliver no more than a flick of the wrist. Male to male spanking would hardly even raise the dust from the seat of the trousers. On another occasion male to male spanking might flog the boy with all his energy and leave severe welts throbbing beneath his underpants. I suppose it depended on the mood of the housemaster, or the severity of the offense caused.

Jake was agog when I said that the last time I had been caned I was the same age as. It was late in my final year. I had turned eighteen a few months earlier. Spankking was so typical of my school. The headmaster for some reason I cannot now recall had made a special mention of this rule at morning assembly.

By this time classes for senior boys had halted and we were revising for exams. Bored one find adult nursing relationship me and a couple of pals slipped away and idled around the town for an hour. We were spotted and reported. Hector hit the roof. Such behaviour was intolerable. It could not be allowed. Young Premier escorts Time Spanking Spanking With A Paddle Spanking Man Bdsm A Bdsm Spanking Fantasy Straight Boy Spanked Jersey Joe Spanked Clip Grown Scouts Mals Outdoors Spank Those Cheeks Chic Spanks Brent Clip Hard Cock Spanking Spank Me Again Young Virgin Doggie Chic Spanks Casper Clip Forbidden Male to male spanking For Spanked Guy Tommy Ray Bdsm Spanking Video Spankinv Gay Otk Spanking Jersey Joe Vintage Otk Gay Spanking Frank Defeo Spank