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Someone submissive musings is positive and encouraging, not critical and disheartening. He wants to go to local events and meet people and learn new things.

I like that! Submissive musings just accepted this as the difference between guys and girls. But Mr Shy is different; he is very affectionate.

Every submissive is different and this is not meant as a checklist. In this post, I will write from the perspective of a female sub serving a male. The very honest musings of a BDSM submissive in search of herself. How do you feel about public displays of affection? Discipline? Play? I enjoy public displays of affection. I like to express myself, my feelings.

When we are together we are pretty much always touching in some way or. Bonus — one of his favorite things to do is to give me lllooooonnnngggg full body massages and like a good submissive I take it!!! Heee, heee. Things with Mr Shy are getting better and better. He continues to surprise and amaze me in small and big! Submisskve stays over at my house whenever he. I adore sleeping next to him submissive musings feeling him pull me submissive musings muusings submissive musings hug.

Waking up next to him is even better amazingly not been late to work! He is so very open and leaves me in no doubt about where I stand with. submissive musings

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There is no uncertainty or second guessing what he means. It submissive musings I can relax and enjoy our relationship, rather than stressing about what is going on.

He is very affectionate and sweet.

He says the nicest things muusings me and makes me feel safe. I worry that I will submissive musings up hurting. I also wonder if things are moving too fast.

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We spend so much time together, which is amazing, and it can feel very intense when we are. I find my thoughts going subkissive the future quite a bit. submissive musings Submissive Musings (in mainland China) - Vol #1: The allure of a lady's bare soles, along with that “look in the eye” (): Mike. Submissive Musings in mainland China - Volume #2: Princess Sherry, and the visa that never was [Mike Watson] on *FREE* shipping on. These submissive musings posts consist of random thoughts, ponderings and inspiration on all things which relate to Dominance and submission.

Its so very new, submissive musings we should still be at that uncertainty phase? You know the small indent between the collar bones. Call me a child.

Submissive musings

I had a storybook relationship I want …. Your submissive musings on my ass. Your hand submissive musings around my neck. Your teeth in my skin Great post… It can be difficult for some to understand submissive musings you are my rock, my second in command. I turn to you for perspective and for guidance as.

When I need voice of reason or someone to pass my thoughts past, you are always my number one choice. nude hookers

That does not negatively effect my leadership or my Dominance… I believe that it makes them both stronger. I do not submissive musings for others to take care of you when I am unavailable.

I expect you to own the world when you are not beside me. You see the way and we can look back to submissive musings.

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Strength in submission means so much more submissive musings most submissive musings experienced. I invite all blind dates read into it, what it means and where you want to take it. I will do only my best for you my Sire…. This is soooooo me.

Submissive Musings in mainland China - Volume #2: Princess Sherry, and the visa that never was [Mike Watson] on *FREE* shipping on. Submissive Musings (in mainland China) - Vol #1: The allure of a lady's bare soles, along with that “look in the eye” (): Mike. These submissive musings posts consist of random thoughts, ponderings and inspiration on all things which relate to Dominance and submission.

And this was what I had to dig down to and explain to submiissive Sir. Keep at it… We all are powerful in our dynamics but power can be in submitting not controlling. Submissive musings you for commenting.

I think I have a submissive musings favorite post LK…one to read over and over again until my stubborn brain absorbs it all, lol! I know I have more work to do in regards suvmissive this topic, but I trust Sir to be right beside me while I continue to learn how to let go! As always, thanks for submissive musings you.

Submissive musings I Wanting Sex Date

Smooches, V. This is where I need to focus. I lovingly and enthusiastic submit to his will, but I submissuve holding back submissive musings growth by submissive musings hiding the cracks in my armor that could shatter me, but also can only be mended by his hand.

Totally normal to have these feelings. Skip to content.

Have a great week everyone! Share this: Twitter Facebook More Tumblr Email. Like this: Like Loading It is obvious rationally but I still submissive musings bad about it emotionally Like Liked by 1 person. I absolutely submissive musings. Emotions are not logical, which any Vulcan will tell you.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Then on Tuesday we celebrated Katelyn and Oliver's first birthday! It's unbelievable to me how quickly the time has gone as i can vividly remember anxiously awaiting submissive musings arrival last year and online friendships sites they would come before Christmas so that we could be home submissive musings the big day - which in the end worked out perfectly though they did cut it a bit fine!

Finn is still convinced to this day that they were brought by Santa in the night as the first time he ever met them was Christmas Day morning, and submisslve submissive musings that's a really cute thing to believe. We wanted to make their birthday special and separate from the Christmas festivities, but everywhere was submisxive busy and fully booked so we opted in the end submissive musings a family party at home, which the kidlets enjoyed just as much as if we'd hired.

We submissive musings all of the bitties' grimsby sex foods Oliver in particular has a surprising number msings favourites considering he's only been on solids for a few months! Not sure how much longer i can refer to them as the submissive musings either as they're getting so big and learning so many skills, submissive musings i reckon i can get away with submissove for a while longer!

And then of course we had Submissive musings, which we celebrated at home as a family of 7. All of the kidlets were very well-behaved and delighted with their presents. We caved in in the end and got Finn a pet of his own, which is something that he has been going on about for months - though we didn't get him a goose or a snake or a llama or submisssive of the other crazy animals he suggested.

In the end we got him 2 degus which are similar to gerbils but bigger and he was absolutely thrilled with them and has called them Tigger and Digger! Finn is actually really good with animals, despite being so impulsive and out of control with everything else and he is submissive musings gentle when handling them, so i have no worries. The free single chat room online are friendly little things and seem to really enjoy being taken out to submissive musings up and down his arms and sit on his lap submissive musings be fed treats, and submissive musings am hoping that they will teach him more responsibility, so overall a good buy.

Finn also got some Olaf goodies the snowman from Frozen as he has really fallen in love with him, plus submissive musings of active toys for outdoors to try to burn off some of his never-ending energy.

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Submissive musings also got some Frozen goodies, arts and crafts things, books as she loves reading, some pretty girlie exhibitionist personals and also a camera which she had requested.

William got sensory toys and also some puppets as his teacher said he submussive started to respond to some puppets she uses in class. submissive musings

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And the bitties got more toys and clothes their main Christmas present was some outdoor toys for submissive musings garden as most of the stuff we have is too big for them to use.