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Who wants to drink and smoke I Am Wants Cock

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Who wants to drink and smoke

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I'm not exactly and You sure as hell don't have to be a. Looksrace not important but I like to know who I am messageting. There will only be a night light on. Placed who wants to drink and smoke a professional SWM, NO drama, no financial problems, WIDE variety of interests (Sorry, not a jock and am not a toothless man on a Harley); would LIKE to meet a lady of substance who's diet-conscious, smo,e proportionate, (This does NOT mean 5'3', 170) NOT a drama-mama, and actually has the time Smooke the who wants to drink and smoke stabilty to CONSIDER being in a positive and loving relationship. I can host and hope to hear from you.

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Who wants to drink and smoke

There is nothing wrong with drinking or smoking in moderation, ladies escort what you do on your own time is none of your company's business. However, you'll find that many companies will find sneaky ways to ask this question, such as:.

See what they did there? They asked if you have ever been in trouble with your company--thereby making it a professional matter that they can legally ask you about--for something that is part of your private life. The truth is that you probably do drink, as do most people in the world.

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There's nothing wrong with drinking--in fact, it can actually make you a better employee. If you enjoy a drink on the weekend, you'll find it much easier to get back to work on Monday feeling nice and relaxed.

However, interviewers are going to ask you this question in order to find out if you have a problem with drinking. Many people drink in excess over the weekend, and that interferes with their ability to work well on Monday.

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If you have an issue with drinking, the company will want to know about it. Smoking, on the other hand, isn't the same type of problem as drinking, but it can still be a problem.

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Many smokers take numerous smoke breaks during the work day, which leads to a lot of time wasted. Your interviewer will want to know if you smoke a lot, as it will affect their perception of you.

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If the interviewer can find a legal way to ask you this question, it may be tough for you to reply with, "I'm a chain smoker who gets drunk every weekend. If you are a big smoker or drinker, you should downplay it.

Who wants to drink and smoke need to be honest as much as possible, but don't come out and say, "Yes, I finish off a bottle of wine with every meal. Your interviewer has no right to know what's going on in your personal life, but you can't flat our refuse spy massage happy ending answer the question.

By giving them a casual answer, it lets you off the hook. However, you'll find that many companies will find sneaky ways to znd this question, such as: